'It was my first time with Energy Healing and I cannot thank Katy enough for the experience. Her professionalism and guidance with her calm, gentle approach made the session an extremely memorable one. The inner peace that I felt was absolutely amazing. She has been truly gifted and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you.'

  - Leela G.


'I was recommended to visit Katy by a very good friend during a time of change in a number of areas in my life. I felt that I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of my purpose and gain clarity and break away from some cycles that seemed to be restricting my growth. Katy creates an extremely safe space to discuss challenges in a non-judgemental and truly supportive style, from our first session Katy helped me to build confidence in myself and to find my voice that I had been suppressing for some years. I am more energetic, aligned to my purpose and sense of self that I have been before and truly feel lighter and more calm. Katy and the energy healing that she provides has become a cornerstone of my self care practice and something that I would recommend to anyone.'

- A.H. 


'Thank you for your clarity and insight yesterday. The connections and the messages really did give me a lot of comfort and it's clear you have a wonderful gift. I was discussing it with my Mum and she couldn't believe how accurately you described both my Grandma and daddy's characters. I feel incredibly lucky to have found you and that you are practising at such a young age, as it means you are going to help and touch so many lives in your lifetime. So exciting!! I am also furiously recommending you to all my family and friends. Thank you so much.

- Danielle M.


'I am amazed at how I feel, I slept from 10 till 8, which for me is amazing. I found the whole experience incredible. The way my body reacted is far removed from what I expected. People talk about the rush of energy, in my case it was an eventful experience where my breathing changed dramatically for the better. All those little aches and pains are far less this morning, and my ability to move is much improved. Thanks again, you have magic hands... hands that empower!'

- Peter


'I came to see Katy when I was in a place of loss and despair. I was grieving but also dealing with what felt like a very cruel world. In fact I was in such a bad way that I was crying in the car before I got to the appointment. This was almost a month ago and seeing Katy has remained with me because all I can say is a HUGE weight was lifted off my heart. In an hour I knew that I was ok, that I was being taken care of and that I was loved. Thank you so much Katy, I cannot recommend you enough. You have a beautiful gift and your heart is so pure.'

- D. A.

'Katy is so gifted and I am so blessed to have her in my life, she has helped me beyond belief and I am so grateful that the universe has brought us together at this time when I needed her the most. I have had six sessions with Katy, and it has honestly been life changing. I have seen so many healers/mediums/card readers as I continually strive to be more in touch with my spiritual side, but I have learned more in these five sessions than ever before and I honestly believe she has helped me get to this place where I can get up and carry on. I can vouch for her incredible gift, passion, zen, as a healer, medium and now friend.'

- Adela King


'I was going through a really rough time and had exhausted all the options available, when I was suggested Energy Healing. I cannot put into words how much the session with Katy helped. Not only is she the kindest, most gentle and soothing person you will ever meet but the way she conducted the session and the effect it had was unbelievable. To all sceptics out there I urge you to give it a try - it REALLY works! For people who are familiar with it, I have no doubt this will be a worthwhile experience!’

- Marie R.


'Today you healed me beyond my wildest dreams, my heart opened so much to universal connections, I felt a true healing of my soul, and I am forever grateful to you for this. Your wisdom, skills and talents are enlightening to those who do and will listen to you. Our time today was perfect, it healed years of heart pain for me, a gift for which I will eternally be grateful to you.'

 - Aglaia H.


'I had my first energy healing session with Katy, due to the current COVID-19 situation, it ended up being a remote session, I agreed to it, but was a little unsure I would get so much out of it. How wrong was I, it was the most amazing session, it literally felt like Katy was in the room with me. I had been feeling a little disconnected recently, but after our session I felt more grounded, connected and energetically back in balance.  I wouldn’t  think twice now about having a remote session. I’m so happy to have found Katy.'  

- Lucinda P.


‘From the moment our remote healing session began I felt instantly connected to Katy in exactly the same way that I would in person. I felt heat in certain parts of my body that Katy confirmed was where she was working.I had agonising neck pain as a result of an overzealous jet washing experience and this almost instantly totally eased along with the key emotional issues that I came to the distance healing to resolve. I shall be booking distance healing again shortly to maintain my state of inner peace and shall refrain from jet washing!’ 

- Annalie H.


'My mediumship session with Katy was amazing. Her connection with spirit is clearly authentic and her insights were spot on, giving me real clarity on important areas of life. This was of huge value to me because my brother and I were so alike and I miss not having his insight on matters of the heart. Thanks, Katy, for sharing your gift with the world. I would recommend you without reserve to anyone wanting to connect with a loved one who's no longer here in earthly form.'

- Melanie P.


'I was unsure what to expect but reflecting on everything today, I feel like you have already started to lift this huge load I've been carrying around with me for such a very long time, years in fact. After the initial thought of I'm not sure what's going to happen, how will I feel, can I relax fully around a stranger, after a little while I did fully relax and you really took my mind off somewhere else and I physically felt the load lighten from my chest with an overwhelming sense of emotion. I left our session feeling a little lighter and I really am fascinated by your gift and how you can further help me. Today my chest feels a little lighter and I am breathing more easily and able to breathe more air into my lungs. It's only how I feel today that I can recognise how I felt before. You have such a gift and I'm really glad I found you, thank you.'

- Sophie S.


'When I came to see Katy I was in a pretty bad place and very emotional. I was run down from some pretty big life events and felt continually overwhelmed. I really wanted to change my outlook but felt I was held back and didn't know where to go to, or who to go to in order to make the change. The sessions with Katy were comepletely transformative. I feel as though I have let go of a huge weight that I have been carrying around for years. The experience fundamentally changed my outlook and wellbeing and I am now moving forward with clarity, positivity and a sense of purpose. Katy has an incredible gift and my time with her was truly enlightening and special. The experience has been life changing for me.' 

- Laetitia


'I came away from Katy’s workshop feeling re-charged, more self aware and excited about what the future will bring. Katy made us all feel so safe to open up to others in the room and explore our intrinsic abilities. At one point, I felt nervous about whether I could do what was asked but she calmly guided me through it with great success! She has a calm and caring persona and explains, what should be a complicated subject, so clearly and concisely. This helped us all to come away with a deeper and greater understanding and gave us the confidence to practice what we had learnt from her on our own.'

- Emily L.


'I love working with Katy! This is the most thorough guidance you can get if you are on a spiritual journey or simply into self-development. I have been to similar workshops before, but have had to re-learn and correct some aspects because of missing vital pieces. Katy is a rare gem and speaks from the heart which makes you feel completely taken care of.'

- Marie H.


'Katy is really warm and welcoming, she is very professional and gave me specific evidence of my loved ones who have passed over to spirit. She provided me with clear messages that were extremely helpful. Her guidance reassured me that I was heading in the right direction. This was a very positive experience for me and the information that I received has been invaluable. I think Katy has an amazing gift and I can highly recommend her to others.'

- Karen H-B.


‘In short thank you for saving me and saying it is ok to ask for help and seek support from life’s pressures. You healed me back to life. You are one of life’s treasures, thank you for showing me light when the morning seemed so dark.’

- Nia M.


‘I found Katy to be so helpful, supportive, and the evidence she brought through when she connected with my lost loved one was astounding and convinced me he was in a better place. It was refreshing to have a sitting with someone as sensitive yet professional.’

- Celia M.


'I visited Katy when I was experiencing heavy physical and emotional pain. After about a 45-minute session, I actually had to take a taxi home because I felt so weightless and pain-free. I was a skeptic, now I’m a convert.’

- Eliza H.


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