Psychic Development and Working With Your Guides Course

A series of workshops to introduce you to your natural psychic awareness, intuition and connect with your guides and spirit helpers. To find out when the next course dates are please get in touch.

Whether you are starting out on your spiritual journey or are already engaged and would like to rekindle and explore further, these workshops will help you to open up to spirit and energy in a grounded and disciplined way with confidence, encouragement and humour. During the series of workshops you will learn with gentle exercises to focus your energy in order to explore your psychic ability, heal and receive wisdom. You will improve as you attend the workshops and grow in confidence to use your psychic ability in all facets of your life, to help yourself and others.  


Stage 1 

An inspirational and exciting day to encourage and help you open up to connect with your higher self and your spirit guides. Teaching you about  universal energy, your chakras and how to work with them in order to start receiving guidance and wisdom. Under Katy’s supervision you will learn this discipline in a safe and grounded way and this workshop will help you to enhance your intuitive abilities and psychic awareness. 


Stage 2 

You will continue to learn about your energy centres, the importance of grounding while growing your psychic ability and the mechanics of opening up to your guides. We often find that we have more then one guide helping us. This day you will  work to expand beyond the energy of one specific teacher and open up to those who wish to work with you at this time. Practising this will help you to receive a wider range of help and support from spirit, to confidently bring through the guidance appropriate to the moment. 


Stage 3 

Already familiar with psychic work, this varied and exciting day will encourage you to connect more deeply with your guides, whilst strengthening your ability you will also be developing trust in the information and guidance channelled through you. You will be relaxed and grounded throughout the day whilst intuitionally and inspirationally speaking in pairs and to the group. This day will help you gain confidence and control, furthering your experience, and understanding of the mechanics of your psychic ability.   


Stage 4

This relaxed but intensive day will encourage you to deeply connect with your guides and learn to send healing. You will learn a simple, yet very affective form of energy healing   that you can give in person or send absently. You will work with your loving teachers in spirit to use your innate psychic gift for your highest possible good and that of others. You will continue to learn about your own energy field, how to use intentions and focus, to facilitate a healthier life and natural state of wellbeing.  


To find out when the next course dates are please get in touch.




Places are limited. To enrol in a worshop please email Katy and secure your place.





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