More and more people are starting to realise the need for a spiritual aspect in their lives. Along side our requirements for loving relationships (with a partner and/or family and friends) and a fulfilling work life, there can be a spiritual void we often do not know exists. It is said that we are spiritual beings living a human existence, and our fast paced, modern world makes our connection and time for our spiritual-self more limited if not totally ignored. Modern city life and the use of social media can sometimes subconsciously make us feel more alone and isolated emotionally. The loss of genuine connection between us in our societies is a growing issue and without our natural spiritual understanding we lose the oneness that connects us all. The main religions of the world and their structures no longer seem to be effective for our modern, intellectual society. I understand that there is a need for a more personal and individual relationship to spirituality which traditional religions are no longer satisfying. From my own experience of meditation; allowing oneself to listen to inner guidance and follow intuition can be the first step to finding peace and understanding.


Clients may come for a spiritual guidance session for a number of reasons such as, being at a point of change or a road block in their life, possibly struggling with anxiety and/or balance of emotions, or maybe looking for a deeper comprehension of spirituality and how to establish their own relationship with a higher power/spirituality. Clients may also book a sitting for another aspect of spiritual guidance and my ability to connect to loved ones who have passed over to spirit. 


Since a young child, I have had the ability to attune myself to the vibrations of spirit using my clairvoyant and clairsentient gifts. Having taught myself to meditate, I often use visualisations as a tool for meditation and enjoy helping others to use the technique themselves to connect with their inner spiritual self. Years of tutelage with Angela Watkins, tutor at College of Psychic Studies mean I conduct appointments in a professional and safe way to ensure both myself and the client are relaxed and at ease with the session. Work as a medium is generally to demonstrate the fact of continuity of life through connecting to those who live in the spiritual plane. Affirming that man survives the change called death and that his soul maintains a continuous existence in a spiritual world. As well as connecting to love ones in spirit, sometimes in a sitting Katy is also able to connect with ‘higher spirit entities’ (which some may call Guides or Angels) which are linked to the sitter who usually come to offer guidance and/or understanding, or generally what the client needs to hear to help them in a positive, loving and comforting way.


What to expect


Spiritual guidance sessions can take a number of different forms depending on the client’s requirements; be it instruction and guidance with meditation, or communication via myself with spirit. Whatever structures the sitting takes, it will be personalised to the client and their current needs and may often resonate for a time afterwards. When coming for a medium sitting, I use my clairsentient and clairvoyant abilities to give sufficient evidence of my connection to spirit, often this is provided with descriptions of how the person looked, their relation to the sitter, clothes they would wear, their character and how they died. Once the sitter can accept whom the link is with, then I may relay a specific message for the client from spirit. Your time during a spiritual guidance session with me and with spirit is generally a very calm, comforting and peaceful experience and can often facilitate emotional healing for the client.

Sittings are held privately in Amersham (Buckinghamshire), Central London or via Skype, they are one hour long and can be audio recorded by the client on an iPhone or the like. If it is not a first appointment, the client may request the sitting to be held at their home or other location subject to agreement.


Understandably this area of her work may not be for some, however if it is the first time you are curious about having a sitting with a medium and have further questions about a sitting, please feel free contact Katy with your queries.


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