A natural healer and medium, I discovered my abilities as a child and at the age of 17 began to rediscover more about my true spiritual self through reading, meditation and learning. With a successful career as a fashion designer, I felt the calling of spiritual work which guided me to deepen my understanding with the best teachers and learn  how to control and master my gift in order to help others on their own journey to work on their body, mind and soul spirit connection.

After years of focusing on personal growth and study, I joined the London Spiritual Mission for guidance on my natural mediumistic capabilities. I was led to continue my mediumship training with renowned and much admired international medium Angela Watkins, tutor at College of Psychic Studies. Along side this I started to explore the expansive world of energy healing which had come so naturally at a young age under the guidance and teaching of Reiki Master and Quantum Touch Instructor Roy Sunley. I am a qualified Reiki healer and also a Master Anusha healer after training with Patsi Hayes. To this day, I maintain a connection with my mentors and continually strive to learn new techniques and increase my knowledge.


Private appointments with Katy are held near Beaconsfield/Amersham (Buckinghamshire), Mayfair London or via Skype.


Katy holds full complementary therapist insurance.


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