A professional medium, healer and spiritual teacher - I discovered my natural intuitive abilities as a child, but it was my own journey of healing whilst working as a fashion designer that lead me to spend over a decade learning to master my clairvoyant, clairsentient, and healing gifts, thanks to wonderful tuition from renowned and much admired international medium Angela Watkins, tutor at College of Psychic Studies.


I am trained in ‘Reiki’, ‘Quantum Touch’ and ‘Anusha’ healing techniques and I have also developed my own healing system which directly channels divine energy using my mediumship and meditation. My clients feel empowered, uplifted and inspired to take back control, telling me they have made real life transformations, not to only survive each day but thrive.


I attune myself to the vibrations of spirit to work as a medium, demonstrating and affirming the continuity of life after the change of death. I connect people to their    loved ones in spirit with evidence. For example, their relationship to the sitter, their physical attributes, mannerisms, clothes they would wear, when and how old they were when they passed and how they passed. The message is not able to conveyed until sufficient evidence is given to establish a genuine connection. The experience is very calm, comforting and peaceful, it can often facilitate deep emotional healing. I also connect with ‘higher spirit entities’ (which some may call Guides or Angels) which are linked to the sitter, they usually come to offer guidance and/or understanding, or generally what the client needs to hear to help them in a positive, loving and supportive way. 


I have been lucky enough to have been a ‘Spiritual Columnist’ for Glamour magazine, a Condé Nast publication writing articles about natural psychic ability, the energy body and learning about the chakras, as well as pieces for Soul & Spirit Magazine and Wildflower Magazine. Goop invited me to be their ‘Intuitive Expert’ for their In Goop Health Wellness Summit in London 2019, and I am featured as a ‘person to see’ when in London on their website. I hosted the first morning meditation workshop in Goop’s London shop and feel very fortunate to be a part of the ‘Goop family’. 


Private appointments with Katy are held near Beaconsfield/Amersham (Buckinghamshire), Mayfair London, or remotely via Zoom. 


Katy holds full complementary therapist insurance.


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