As conduit for life force energy, I work with this energy within the physical and electromagnetic/auric fields. Energy work is a facilitator for mind, body, soul and spirit connection. Mind and body influence each other on all levels, it is impossible to have a truly healthy body without a healthy mind and vice versa. Be it a stressful lifestyle, recovery from an illness, or just a need to rest and recharge, an energy healing session aims to restore calm and balance physically and subconsciously.


Invisible life force energy is now a universal concept, it has many different names such as Prana (Sanskrit), Chi/Qi (Chinese), ‘The Breath of Life’ or ‘Divine/Spiritual Energy’. Our individual life force energy must be fluid, and circulate the body harmoniously. If you are suffering physically, mentally and even spiritually due to stress, worry, illness, a specific trauma or injury, there are most likely blockages or disruptions in your natural energy flow. This can also often result in an overall feeling of imbalance which may surface in any number of ways such as exhaustion or fatigue, anger or anxiety to name a few. These energetic blockages or misalignments with your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies may stop the body from fully healing and recharging itself, even if you live a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle.


A few sessions of healing should help you to be able to understand and listen to your body more instinctively and therefore start to be able to improve your own ability to recharge your natural energy. This can be beneficial for your own vitality, immune system health and mental clarity and focus. We work together to allow release and enable harmony by aligning the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, on both the conscious and intuitive levels.


What to expect


Appointments are held privately in Amersham (Buckinghamshire) or Central London and range from 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes. Using light touch hands on healing and breathing techniques to assist the healing, the client lies on a therapy table, and is fully clothed, if a client is uncomfortable with light touch, my hands can be held away from the body – it will still have the same effect. Often I aim to take you into a deeper state of relaxation through a guided visualisation/meditation in order to reach the subconscious levels.

When experiencing the different forms of energy healing you may experience some of the following sensations to various degrees of intensity. Some clients may feel nothing or others may feel a lot. The most common physical sensations are heat, cold, electrical tingling, stomach gurgling, vibration and/or shaking, pushing and/or pulling, feeling off balance, energy movement, light headedness, temporary loss of energy and temporary discomfort at the site of the pain or injury. The most common non-physical experiences from energy healing are seeing colours, seeing images and/or shapes, hearing/smelling/tasting energy, past events and visions. If it is not a first appointment, the client may request the sitting to be held at their home or other location subject to agreement.


Please Note:

This is a holistic system of healing and a compliment to western medicine. You should consult your doctor before arranging an appointment specifically if you have a pacemaker, epilepsy, diabetes, undiagnosed pain, hypercortisolism, glandular dysfunction, mental illness or are on prescribed medication as the treatment may cause changes in the condition and dosage may need to be adjusted accordingly. 



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